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"You do not see or feel a Di Legno-floor; you live it."


Who we are.

Di Legno is a Belgian finishing company founded in 1998, that specializes in patinating premium parquet floors. 
Our many years of success are due to a team of devoted oak-specialists with an average seniority of 15 years, that guides every order throughout the production process, from start to finish. 

What we do.

Using a unique, semi-artisanal process, we obtain a beautiful patina, that only gets better over time, and that is unprecedented worldwide. Its strong characteristics anchor interiors in the most organic way, from minimalistic contemporary to traditional classical homes, and add an extra dimension to the room.

What we stand for.

Our success is built on years of collaborating with partners & suppliers, who have been with us since the start. This collaboration guarantees a constant and high-end quality.

Because we are working with natural processes, it is essential to have quality raw materials. That is why we only work with products of European origin, preferably French oak. For our engineered products, we only offer planks that approach the look & feel of solid oak as close as possible.

That way, you bring a piece of nature into your home with every Di Legno.

All of our suppliers are PEFC-certified. Certificates for our products can be provided on request.


True to nature.

At Di Legno we apply a fully authentic, organic production process.
We do not use chemical products, instead we obtain our unique patina by provoking natural reactions from within the wood. This results in an unmistakable depth that no similar product compares to, inspired by and with respect for nature.

Each oak thereby retains its identity, and lives on as a unique floor.

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