The DESIGN collection

A selection of sleek oak floors with power.

A wooden floor doesn’t have to be aged to radiate character. Our Design collection proves it. Contemporary, non-aged wooden floors that combine the best European oak with more than twenty years of craftsmanship.

The quality of the European oak

A primal product. A powerhouse among wood species. That’s European oak. Oak grows slowly, resulting in robust and reliable wood. The unique lines and graining of the European oak give your floor a natural feel. We oil and treat your parquet in our workshop so that your parquet does not need to be sanded; instead you can install the finished product, which is also easy to maintain.

Clash classic and modern

A modern parquet floor isn’t just for contemporary, modern spaces. Modern parquet can also be used in a more classic setting; and quite beautifully too. The duel between old and new adds a lot to your interior. Opt for the clash between old and new and enjoy a unique individuality and atmosphere.

Why do you need a real Di Legno?

Our unique and natural production process gives our parquet floors an aged appearance. Our floors are made of new European oak wood and are almost indistinguishable from the beautiful, authentic parquet floors from former castles or mansions. Special parquet floors that greatly enhance your space.

Discerning, unique, and creative minds consciously choose Di Legno. Architects often recommend a Di Legno because they know better than anyone that a floor is the bearer of atmosphere and warmth in your home.

It’s best for a floor like this to be a natural product that has been aged. A good basis for imbuing and grounding other accents.

Whether in a classic or modern, minimalist setting: a warm, aged, and patinaed floor gives an extra dimension to your interior and life.

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