About Di Legno

Unique, aged parquet floors

We at Di Legno are manufacturers of parquet floors. But in our own unique way. A way of natural processes that gives our parquet floors an authentic and aged look. The wood is indistinguishable from centuries-old parquet floors in castles or mansions. It is a rustic floor that greatly enhances your space.

Discerning, unique, and creative minds consciously choose Di Legno. It’s logical that architects often come to us for solutions. They know better than anyone that your floor is the bearer of atmosphere and warmth in your home. It’s best for a floor like this to be a natural product that has been aged. A good basis for imbuing and ‘grounding’ other accents. Whether in a classic or modern, minimalist setting: a warm, aged, and patinaed floor gives an extra dimension to your interior and life.

Ageing happens according to the rules of art, the rules of nature, and the laws of wood. This starts with the selection and quality of your wood. With us, you can count on 100% European quality, a quality that we will never lose. We are resolutely in favour of the strength of European oak, the only wood species that meets our high expectations.

We continue the natural ripening process of the oak wood in our workshop in Genk. Our employees have more than twenty years of experience in shaping the wood further and treating it with natural processes and products. The result? Parquet with a natural, aged look. In natural colours that are only found in nature. With a unique patina.

At Di Legno, we get the best out of nature for your floor, so that your parquet floor also brings out the best in your interior.

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