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Access to and use of this website is subject to the prior acceptance of these general terms and conditions. By visiting this website or using information on this website, one automatically accepts the general terms and conditions and waives all possible claims against Di Legno or their employees, in respect of the use of the website or material, information, assessments or recommendations contained therein. Di Legno have made every effort to ensure that the information on this website is correct. Although Di Legno endeavour to represent the actual products and specifications as accurately as possible, this site cannot be seen as an infallible guideline for the products and services of Di Legno.

These general terms and conditions further consist of the following clauses:

  • Information and liability
    This website and the information, images, depictions, logos and icons concerning or related to products and services are provided in the 'PRESENT STATE' without any explanation or confirmation and without any kind of guarantee, either explicit or implicit, including, but not restricted to the implicit guarantee of marketability, suitability for a specific purpose or of not constituting any infringement. Although the information on this website has been drawn up in good faith to provide information about Di Legno and their products and services, Di Legno, or their employees will in no event be held liable for damage of any kind, including but not restricted to direct, indirect or special damage, consequential damage or isolated damage resulting from or connected to the use of or access to the website or resulting from or connected to material, information, assessments or recommendations on this website. The information and specifications represented on this website can vary from market to market.

    Di Legno are entitled at all times and without prior notification to make the necessary adjustments, improvements and/or changes to these general terms and conditions, the names, images, depictions, logos and icons used on this website and products and services referred to on this website. This website may possibly contain links or references to other websites that are not under the supervision of Di Legno. Di Legno bear no responsibility whatsoever for the content of any such link or links within the linked sites.

    Di Legno will do everything within their power to ensure the accessibility of the site but cannot guarantee that the site will be accessible at every moment or that no disturbances or disruptions will occur. Under no circumstances can Di Lego be held liable for any such disturbances or disruptions, or can they lead to refunds or price adjustments, except in the event of intentional mistakes by Di Legno.

  • Product information
    This site contains information about the production of parquets and accessories. It is possible that the site refers to products that are no longer available or have been put on the market under another name. Please consult Di Legno for more information.

  • Intellectual property
    The material shown on this website, including but not limited to all editorial material, photos, illustrations and other graphic material as well as names, logos, trademarks and service marks are the property of Di Legno or licensees and are protected by copyright, trademark right or other intellectual property laws. Other products or business names appearing on this website can be the trademarks of their respective owners. It is forbidden to copy, resend, share, distribute, sell, publish, broadcast or circulate this material or any part of it.

    It is permitted to

    a. print or download fragments from the material on this website for non-commercial, informative purposes for personal use or

    b. copy the material on this website with the intention of sending it to individuals for personal, purely informative use and not for commercial purposes. All this on the condition that Di Legno is named as the source of the information and that third parties are informed that these general terms and conditions are applicable and must be complied with.

    Nothing contained therein will be understood as the granting of a license or entitlement arising from a patent or trademark of Di Legno or third parties.

    Unless explicitly stated, nothing that is contained therein shall be understood as the granting of a license or entitlement by reason of any copyright or intellectual property right in relation to such information, details, products or services.

  • Applicable legislation and administrative decisions
    These terms and conditions are governed by Belgian law and will be interpreted and implemented in conformity with Belgian law. All disputes arising from these terms and conditions will only be submitted to and settled by the competent District Courts in Belgium.

    If it is decided that one of these terms and conditions is unlawful, invalid or otherwise non-executable under the laws of a state or country for which these terms and conditions are intended, they will be removed from the clause. Di Legno retain the right to unilaterally change any one of these terms and conditions at any moment. They will publish any such changes on line.