Di Legno

How often should you clean your floor?

The frequency of cleaning a Di Legno floor depends on how intensively you use it. It is best to routinely clean your floor once a day with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush, mop or soft broom.

Intensity of use Regular maintenance Cleaning maintenance
Oiled floor Polished floor Oiled floor Polished floor
Little use as in bedrooms and guest rooms. Every 4 weeks Every 4-6 weeks Every 3 to 5 years Every 24 months
Normal use as in living rooms, dining rooms, children's rooms and work rooms. Every 2 weeks Every 4-6 weeks Every 2 to 3 years Every 12 months
Intensive use in rooms in schools, shops, company receptions, restaurants, hotels and public buildings. Weekly (installation not recommended) To be assessed/once a year (installation not recommended)