Di Legno


Wooden stairs radiate a completely different quality than stairs made of any other material. You may remember a visit to a castle, presbytery or an old manor house where the large, stately staircase immediately leaves its mark on the overall image of the building.

Whatever style you choose, Di Legno® has a solution in the best wood. Through colours and finishes the emphasis falls precisely on the effect that is important to you: classic, modern or still rather rustic, it is all possible.

With the aid of ageing and patination techniques developed by us we offer you the charm of authentic staircases, without compromising our present-day conditions of quality and use.

The shape of your stairs is also fully tailored to your personal preference or the local conditions. Open or closed, traditional stairs with counter force, with or without stair cheeks, quarter landing stairs, insert stairs, Z-stairs, cladding of concrete stairs or stairs with a special shape, … in wood almost everything is possible. Thanks to our expertise and the experience we have gained in many projects the execution options are as good as unlimited.

Of course we also attend to the stairwells, steps and landings so that everything is all of a piece.

That way your staircase can also play the important role of contributing to the style of your interior.

Di Legno staircases