Di Legno


In the first place a door is a functional partition between two spaces, for instance for reasons of privacy, to save heat energy, to prevent noise pollution, etc. But functional can also be beautiful.

Di Legno proves that. We have developed a product range that looks smooth and modern, but at the same time radiates comfortable warmth. The door offer is fully tailored to the Di Legno parquet flooring. Also in combination with our flooring our unique designs come fully into their own right.

For us a door does not have to be standard. We customize everything just the way you want it and adjust the width, height or framing fully to your needs and the local conditions. From floor to ceiling, everything is executed with the utmost precision and almost unequalled workmanship.

Because we are fully guided by your wishes and ideas we give you the opportunity to choose the door fittings of your front door.

And of course you also select the type of door: with hinges or a pivot system or perhaps as sliding door. If it is technically possible we are happy to accommodate your wishes. Only with regard to quality we make no concessions. Everything has to be perfect and has to last for many years.

A door is therefore much more than just the closing off of an opening. If thought through and well chosen it can lend your living or working space an exclusive and unique character you will always enjoy. Doors from Di Legno meet this criterion and obtain their radiating power and ability to create the right atmosphere from the best wood we select with the greatest care.

Di Legno doors